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A well equipped studio where you can write and record in London.

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Adam Falkner is a professional drummer with a wealth of tour and studio experience.

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Recommendations for Wandsworth Studios

A great studio for pre-production

There is space for up to 5 musicians. Recently we had drums, bass, keys, guitar, acoustic guitar and vocals all in the one room with headphones, working out arrangements.

All the microphones are pre-patched through the mixing desk in the adjoining control room, directly into Logic so reverb and clicks are easily available for the musicians’ headphones. The producer / engineer is able to listen in the room or ‘objectively’ in the control room. Then it is just a case of hitting record.

Grammy Award winning producer/engineer Peter Henderson
(Supertramp, Rush, Paul McCartney)


I have no hesitation in recommending Wandsworth Studios

I used Wandsworth Studios recently for a pre production session where I wanted to record the tracks straight away whilst we worked on parts for the musicians. Everything was efficiently set up and we were able to record ideas quickly in a very friendly, no pressure, comfortable atmosphere. It certainly helped speed up the process when we went into the studio the week after to record the master versions. I have no hesitation in recommending Wandsworth Studios for pre production, track laying and programming sessions.

Stephen Street (Producer – Blur, Morrissey, Babyshambles)

Reasons to book Wandsworth Studios
  • Set in a secure, gated courtyard in the center of Wandsworth, South West London
  • Great pubs, supermarkets and coffee shops
  • A control room, a live room (14’x10′) that’s set up to accommodate a full live band recording simultaneously, and an electronic drum room
  • Perfectly suited as an inexpensive writing and tracking facility
  • Natural daylight in all rooms, and cosy and vibey at night
  • Within the Cato Music complex for any additional music-based services, purchases, equipment hire or repairs
  • Parking available (enquire within).

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