Drum tracking

If you’re looking to record live drums but have no drummer, our experienced in-house session drummer Adam Falkner is available to play on your project.

This can either be carried out whilst you’re present, or you can send us your tracks and we’ll record and email them back for you to mix into your project.

With our collection of fantastic-sounding vintage drums, snares and percussive oddities, plus the very latest Roland TD30K electronic drum kit with additional software including Superior Drummer 2.0 and the entire EZdrummer line, we have all beat-related aspects covered and are able to provide the killer drum sound you need for your music.

Please contact Adam Falkner directly to discuss your drum-tracking needs.

Need a full band?

Send us your song idea and we can help take it to the next level with our network of fantastic musicians who’ll make your tracks sound the way you want them to! No job too big or small.

Co-writing and production

With our amazing musicians, producers and songwriters, we can cater to all your needs, achieving great results in an informal, relaxed and highly creative environment.

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